We Can Solve The Climate Crisis

$427 million. That’s what the oil and coal industries spent during the first half of 2008 on lobbying and advertising. They’re protecting their interests – and hurting ours.

This ad is running on TV right now, but we need millions more to see it. The special interests will outspend us, but we can compete head-to-head with them when we find ways to share these messages for free.


This CBC news video talks about a scientist that has been working on solar panels for thirty years and what he has come up.

Why Not To Over Install

If your planing on taking the step into solar electric power you might want to figure out how far you want to go. Since you are connected to the grid, when your panels produce too much, the extras are fed back to the electric company. Now there are some states that pay you for the extras, depending on of course the amount you might use everyday. In California you can receive credit up to the zero mark. This is a decision made that varies from State to State. If the Government is in agreement over 51% against State, that could easily be overridden. So you might have to check accordingly on where you live. There is the option of not connecting to the electric company at all. This would be a battery backup system, but I've heard that this is a hassle on the maintenance involved. So you should figure out how much energy you use or are going to use and base how much solar energy power you should invest in.

Solar panels future, energy generation and global warming

What the governments point of view on solar energy. This short video explains how the cost of solar energy will go down if the government starts to support it.

How Its Made(Solor Panels)

Ever wonder how solor panels are made well here it is.


Energy Waisted That Could Be Used

The sidewalks were recently fixed by our house. That got me thinking... Maybe they could come up with sidewalks that were solar powered?
With the technology we have now I know we can make them. Start with thick plastic see through yet rough enough so there is still some traction, that protect the solar panels underneath.
The roads would be next after it was perfected of course.
There are always smaller ways that maybe we could start with. Like pool covers if there isn't that already? Skateboards, decks, fences, even the top of every building around. All these things have energy, but aren't harnessed. This energy can then help your house or anything else you want. A solar universal plug if you will.

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Don't just Reflect, Recycle

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