DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power part 1 and 2

Here is a solar system that you can start with to lower your electric bill with only three panels for about $250. In this video he runs two lights.

DIY CHEAPEST Solar Panel System Ever Part 2

Here is an upgrade were he ads a 6v battery and know runs a tv all so.

Multi-Purpose 12V Briefcase Solar Generator 13 Watts Power Charger

Yes a carry around brief case, pretty cool stuff. Found on eBay for a starting price of $67.99.

* Compact designed, Powerful 13 Watt Solar Charger
* With flashing charge indicator to give a clear view that the generator is working.
* With detachable connectors for different application.
* With adjustable support panel, help to maximize power output.
* With built-in diode to prevent reverse charging.
* Can charge a wide range of applications.
* Ideal for caravans,motor homes, yacht, DC fridge, Laptop computer, GPS System, etc.........
* With voltage adaptor, able to charge 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V electronic appliances (Optional)
* With cigarette plug socket (Optional)


* Use Amorphous silicon solar cells
* Power: 13 Watts maximum
* Working voltage: equal or greater than 14V
* Working current: equal or greater than 750mA
* Dimension: 20.07" x 14.76"x 1.57" (510mm x 375mm x 40mm)

Solar Accessories For Small Things Around The House Found On Ebay

2600mah Solar Power Panel Charger for PDA MP3
I found these small solar chargers for PDA MP3's on Ebay for $4.99. Saving money on charging your mp3 is just the beginning and a small step but it may be a start?

7V 1 W Solar Fountain Pond Water

PumpPanel Brushless

Found for $20.99 with free shipping

4 Antique Wall Mount Solar Light

Garden Landscape Lamp

$34.99 free shipping

Small steps... It could be a good start though.?

Todays Solar

Various electronic equipment that is powered by the sun. Also some water powered items as well.
The thing that I liked the most is being able to turn on or off your lights or turn your air conditioner or furnace up and down all by using your cell phone! Simply amazing to me...

3 minutes 59 seconds

Solar Panels

A quick look at the innards of solar panels and how they work.

This actually made me understand solar panels a bit more than I knew before? Who knew?...
1 minute 14 seconds

Solar Bots

I'm not sure what these little bots could be used for but I thought it was kind of interesting.

I'm sure I could come up with something...?

DIY Solar Panel System Cost

Ever wonder how much it will cost you to go solar? Well here a costumer that is telling you exactly what it cost him to take the step into the future of solar power.

Search for everything solar!

Click On This Solar Powered Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker with Transmitter To Play Music! Solar Powered Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker with Transmitter

Don't just Reflect, Recycle

Need A Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern with Wall Adapter? Click the image below!
Solar Powered Led Camping Lantern with Wall Adapter