Israel Like Many Other Places On Earth, Should Go Solar

Amazing development with several practical applications.
Professor David Faiman head of the Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Research Center and developer of a new Solar Cell. This new Solar Cell can produce over one thousand times more electric power than a conventional photovoltaic or PV. Professor David Faiman states "The achievement is that we separate out the collection function of a photovoltaic cell to the light conversion to electricity function. When we collect the light, instead of using a huge area of solar cells, we use an equal area of cheap glass mirrors and they are curved in such a way as to concentrate the light onto a very small solar cell, the size of just one cell, and in this way you concentrate the light a thousand times and you can get a thousand times more power out of a small cell."
He gives an interesting point about the curvature of the mirror and how it can concentrate more power on a small mirror rather than a huge flat mirror.

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