Why Not To Over Install

If your planing on taking the step into solar electric power you might want to figure out how far you want to go. Since you are connected to the grid, when your panels produce too much, the extras are fed back to the electric company. Now there are some states that pay you for the extras, depending on of course the amount you might use everyday. In California you can receive credit up to the zero mark. This is a decision made that varies from State to State. If the Government is in agreement over 51% against State, that could easily be overridden. So you might have to check accordingly on where you live. There is the option of not connecting to the electric company at all. This would be a battery backup system, but I've heard that this is a hassle on the maintenance involved. So you should figure out how much energy you use or are going to use and base how much solar energy power you should invest in.

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Paul Clos said...

People need to make money back when they have more energy than they need, using solar. I hope that changes?

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