Solar Power Water Heating

Something you don't hear enough about is solar water heaters. It can heat your pool to all your house water. And it is ran a little different then using solar panels.

Solar power water heaters are more of a direct approach to the sun basically it is ran to tubing that is in direct contact with the sun where the water is heated and filtered back to your system.

This is all so the easiest and cheapest self set up for solar, a lot of people are making these set ups at home for very little cost.

Here is a video on a good set up for the heating the water.

This should be set up somewhere on top of your house or where it gets a lot of sun.

Now that you have got the heating water system, you need to have it run to you hot water pipes. You all so would want a instantiated water tank to store and use. In this next video is gives you a demonstration on how this works

I all so recommend water sealing and insulating all the pipes going to and from your solar water system.

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