Solar Air Conditioners

At the beginning of the video explains how air conditioners only make heat waves worse. There is a solar fix though, solar engineer Les Hamasaki at the Debs Park Audubon Environmental Center in Los Angeles describes how we can solve this problem. With his invention the hotter it gets outside the cooler it can become inside. It can boil water,sterilize and even desalinate contaminated water. With this invention there would be no need for power plants! It's truly amazing!

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Mikes said...

Solar air conditioners are good for a greener world. Using them you can stop pollution and save the world from the green house effect and global warming.

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1Green Thumb said...

Mike is right! We need to stop producing so many greenhouse gases and fast... before it is too late...

Jogesh said...

Solar AC has various benefits but the best one is the saving of Power bill. The Power bill reduce up to 10-15%.I also used Solar AC in my broward county air conditioning Business

North Miami Beach Emergency AC Repair said...

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Michel L. Taylor said...

Solar air conditions are important and I wish to have one. It will be a waste if my electric air condition will just no use if in my place is always having a black out.

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